a nice and handy hobby: sewing

I noticed that I am almost only posting recipes although I wanted to blog about more than cooking. I want to help inspire people to become more self sufficient and sewing definitely is one part of it.
3 years ago I started sewing. I don’t know why I didn’t start earlier. I would have had the opportunity because my Mom has been sewing for quite a long time. I just wasn’t too interested in sewing. But then I tried it and it was so much fun. So I started going to the sewing course my Mom was going to, too. Even though I am not a beginner anymore, I am still going to that course. There are always new things to learn and you won’t remember all the steps after one time. For example my first thing I sewed were pants. But I have never sewn pants again ever since so I wouldn’t even remember all the steps. Of course the patterns I am using have instructions but often they are still hard to understand or my teacher can still give me helpful tips.
In Germany there is the magazine called “Burda style” and that is where all my patterns come from. When I went to Canada, I didn’t see any magazines that had as many patterns in them. There were only single patterns you could buy at the fabric stores. That makes me kind of sad because I will most likely move to Canada and those patterns cost as much or even more than the magazine that has many patterns inside.

But I might be able to get a subscription and still not pay too much.

In my opinion sewing is a great hobby because it is a good feeling when somebody asks where you bought something and when you say that you made it, they are dumbfounded. And of course it is easier to alter the patterns a bit and get exactly what you want and you won’t see somebody who is wearing the same. Also it is very handy because you can repair broken clothes or make something new out of something old. And it is bugging me a lot that the clothes you buy at the stores (especially shirts) break very fast.

Since I like sewing so much I often go buy fabric even if I still have fabric laying in my box in my sewing room. There is a dutch fabric market here 3 times a year and the fabric is very good and quite cheap! Who could resist going there and buying way too much?
Also there are many little fabric stores around where I live.
The course isn’t available in the summer and it started again 3 weeks ago. So this is what I bought for the course that just started.

These 3 fabrics:

I want to make two blouses using the red and greyish fabric and a blazer, dress and pants using the blue fabric.

And I already started sewing this:

I will make sure to show you what I sew in the future to inspire you guys! 😉