barbecued potatoes???

“You want to put potatoes on the barbecue?” my man asked a little puzzled the first time we had a barbecue this year. And I thought: Is that really that weird? Seems just fine to me. So I just put those potatoes that I marinated in olive oil with pepper, salt, thyme and rosemary on the barbecue. And voila, of course he loved them and while he still thinks it is a little weird I had to make them again for our barbecue this weekend. And just to be mocking him a bit I put a radish in the remaining oil and put it on the barbecue too. We couldn’t taste anything else but the radish though, because it wasn’t in the oil long enough. Still, I like to be experimenting and it was fun.

Also I am kind of experimenting with stevia at the moment. For the barbecue, I made lemonade with stevia instead of sugar. Lemon-water is supposed to be so good for your body but of course sugar is not. And I was surprised that the lemonade actually tasted pretty good. I also made it a little more sour than I normally make my lemonade using sugar. This is definitely something I will make again.

barbecueplate stevialemonade

On that plate you can see the barbecued potatoes and the radish. And in the other picture you can see the stevia-lemonade. Doesn’t even look different from normal lemonade, right?

While the meat was on the barbecue I picked some berries. Not quite as many as we would like though. Last year we started out with two young raspberry bushes, transplanting them and all the new little “baby” bushes to a bigger area, we now have a bunch of raspberries. We also transplanted all the offshoots of the strawberries and now have way more than last year. However, strawberries and raspberry bushes won’t grow many berries the first year. In addition to that, so far we weren’t really lucky with the weather. It rained too much therefor the strawberries tasted somewhat watery and many molded when they weren’t even ripe. Now it is sunny and hopefully the last few strawberries will taste better.

In my last post about our gardening adventures I said that we were growing our own seeds. We didn’t research at all in the beginning, just let some radishes grow and as you can see we succeeded. These radishes are produce from this year grown from our own seeds. And we got a lot of seeds. When the radishes were growing beans, I did research a bit and knew that we had to let those beans dry. Each bean has multiple seeds which can easily be removed once the beans are dry.
In the future we will definitely try to get as many seeds from our own plants as possible. This way we can ensure that they are grown 100% organically and not genetically modified even though of course you can buy such seeds. It’s just another step to being as self-sufficient as possible, and it just feels good to know that those vegetables grew from your own seeds.

Are you buying your seeds or do you also grow some on your own?

berries radishes


Our garden


This year was our first year of produce. We bought a small summerhouse where we grow our vegetables. We grew radishes, carrots, spinach, spring onions, kohlrabi, cucumbers, zucchinis, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos and pumpkins. Unfortunately this summer was too cold and the broccoli and cauliflower didn’t grow right. Our neighbors couldn’t harvest any either.

our broccoli

But we have so so many zucchinis. Any idea what to make with them? I am thinking of pickling them once I bought some jars. I already pickled our cucumbers and this weekend we can finally open the first jar. This was the first time I’ve ever pickled / canned something. And it is fun. 🙂 I am also planning on pickling some carrots.

The plants in the greenhouse didn’t turn out too well. We put the plants way too close to each other so we only have a few tomatoes and peppers that will hopefully turn red soon. The jalapenos are doing great though and soon they’ll all be ready to be harvested.

And I love that we have grapes.

Since it is my goal to be as self sufficient as possible at some point this whole garden is for practicing until we have a big enough property and of course it is also good to grow your own vegetables because you can be sure that there is no poison on them. One thing that we wanted to try is getting our own seeds. This means that we had to “waste” a small spot where we could just let – in our case- a few radishes grow. We didn’t expect it to turn out like it did though:

It seems like we will have a lot of radish seeds once we dried the beans and take them out. We would like to get our own seeds from all the plants but we don’t have enough space and couldn’t grow everything we wanted anymore. For example we planted the zucchinis where the radishes were before so we kind of use some spots twice in the same year.

Once I harvested the last zucchinis and carrots we will start to prepare the garden for the winter. We had somebody come over and test our soil and he said that it has too little nutrients. So we will grow some mustard over the fall and then dig that under. It is supposed to be very good for the soil.

I am already excited to try new vegetables next year!