Mascarpone Parmesan Sauce

One day I planned on making a noodle casserole and already bought all the ingredients for it on the weekend. But then I was so hungry that I didn’t want dinner to take long, so I just threw everything together and it turned out to taste amazing. It is a somewhat thick sauce.

ingredients: 250 g mozarella
250 g mascarpone
70 g parmesan
250 g cherry tomatoes
one zucchini
pepper, salt and paprika powder to taste

Melt the mozarella and add the mascarpone. Cut the tomatoes in halves and the zucchini in cubes and throw it in the mozarella mascarpone mixture. Let it simmer for about ten minutes. In the end add the parmesan and spice the sauce with pepper, salt and paprika powder.
Serve with pasta.

This sauce is also very good with red peppers instead of zucchini or put them in addition to the zucchini.


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