Homemade is better!

  1. It is fun!
  2. You appreciate what you make more than what you buy because you spent so much time on it and because it is exactly what you wanted which leads me to the next point that
  3. homemade items are unique and special: When you craft something you can make what you need with lots of extra details that a bought item might not have. I sometimes go to stores looking for an item that came up to my mind but I often can’t find one that is exactly like what I want. So I end up making it myself. Also you won’t run into somebody who bought the same item.
  4. homemade food is healthier: You can control the ingredients you use and don’t have to eat poison junk food.
  5. it is cheaper: Especially when you think of how early some clothes break it is cheaper to sew them even if it seems more expensive on the first place for simple things like shirts, they last longer when sewn by yourself. And most of the time you have fabric, yarn etc. left over which you can then use for a new project. Furthermore it is cheap to redesign items because you barely have to buy anything for that.
  6. quality: Considering that most retail products are made in China and other cheap quality countries, it is always better to make it yourself!

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